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A New Look Festival

The first edition of the project took place in 2016 and featured six days of programming. It was carried out with funds from the 2016 PROAC edicts award (Festivals of Arts II). The project was entered in the PROAC notice by Catarsis, after the experience lived by its members in one of the editions of the Festival Visioni di Futuro, Visioni di Teatro in Bologna, Italy. Getting to know Visioni was a game changer in the concept that the Catarsis team had in relation to theater festivals for children.

In its 2nd edition, the event gained a greater proportion, more participants and artistic languages to be explored, thus becoming an arts festival for early childhood, where theater, dance, music, debates, film screenings, interactive installation took place, cozy corner and workshops. All resources and structure for this 2. edition were under the responsibility of SESC Jundiaí. The festival lasted for ten days with activities covering different languages and with great repercussion. The Catarsis Arte para Infância e Juventude team helped and followed the planning and execution process of this edition, from the curatorship carried out together to the realization of the event itself, coordinating the logistics, organizing the project with the schools, welcoming and leading the students. selected groups, participating in the debates and watching the works presented.

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