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Ana is a 14 year old teenager, who is in her room, the night before the
first day of school, thinking about all the times that Felipe made fun of the size of her nose, all the laughter that the colleagues gave because of the making fun of Felipe, the teacher who wanted to help, Nina becoming his great friend, us advice from Nonna and Dona Filó, in the clothes she should go to on the first day of school, in the new year that is starting and must be different from the previous one, in the classmates who will be in her class, in the mother's phrases, in the comfort of the father, in the game she invented to make her stories, in the many things she wants not to repeat, in the many other things she wants to happen again ...
Past, present, future, school, bedroom, social networks, turbulent moments, transformative discoveries, deep suffering and laughter for no reason alternate and merge in this piece; just as it happens in Ana's heart; just like in the lives of teenagers.

VIRTUAL SEASON - 9,841 viewers



Em decorrência da pandemia mundial causada pela Covid-19, este projeto foi realizado somente no ambiente virtual. As apresentações e atividades presenciais previstas foram reelaboradas e executadas on-line nos anos de 2020 e 2021.

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