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Can you answer quickly and objectively "what is family"? Davi, Lucas, Lucinha and Júlia are 9 years old, are in the same class and need to answer “What is family?” in the form of a seminar for the whole room and for the very angry teacher.
They will have some challenges ahead ...
First: because of the pandemic, classes are being online, so the seminar will need to be by videoconference.
Second: David has a sister, a half-brother and two half-sisters; has a mother and a half-father, a father and a half-mother, a half-half-father and a half-half-mother. Lucas has a sister, a father and a mother; when he fights with his sister, he goes to his grandparents' house.
Lucinha has parents who don't even talk to each other; he lives only with his mother; and I wanted to have a brother to play with. Júlia doesn't have siblings, but she has double everything. So, they don't know what to say: family is a group of people with blood ties? Or a group of people who live in the same house? Or a group of people who like each other?
Or a group in which there are father-mother-children? Or is it all family?


Dramaturgy: Tábata Makowski / Direction: Kiko Marques

Cast: Aline Volpi, - Ana Paula Castro - Marcelo Peroni - Vladimir Camargo

Inspired by the book “It's all family!” by Alexandra Maxeiner, published by
Klett Kinderbuch, Leipzig / Germany.

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